Travelling Rottie

Before you book hotel reservations or make travel plans to a specific destination, it is highly recommended you check out your destination area for breed specific legislation. BSL in various jurisdictions around North America may prohibit your rottie from visiting or may impose other restrictions while visiting. Check out our web page on Breed Specific Legislation for more information on this topic.

When you are ready to book pet friendly hotel accommodations, you could do so on line at All hotel accommodations through this site are pet friendly.

Preparing for a road trip can be chaotic, so here are a few tips to help you stay organized. Creating a To-Do-List is always a good plan.

1. Food and water: It is always a good idea to keep your dog on the same food and water. This helps to minimize upset stomachs.

2. Medications and supplements such as Gravol.

3. Dog’s identification written down. Sometimes dogs become lost so it is good practice to have dog tag number, tattoo number and a recent photo with you.

4. First aid kit: There are some good homeopathic kits available such as the Basic 36 kit book or natural products . Rescue spray is also good to have.

5. Travel crate and bedding. If you need a travel crate or other dog supplies, check out the eBay auction below. There are some good buys available.

6. Toys