Next available litter planned for summer of 2018

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Elsa with five puppies

Elsa with five puppies



The Rottweiler: A large working dog that is forever loyal and dedicated to its owner and family. They do not require protection training to know the difference of who should be there and who should not be there.  They require a strong pack leader who can give direction and are the leader in the Rottweiler’s eye.  Without this leadership they are not suitable for everyone. The rottie requires exercise and human contact. They do not like to be chained up and left unattended all day. The purpose of this application is to safeguard this breed from getting into the wrong homes and unsuitable environments. We want our dogs to go to stable minded people who are willing to learn about this great breed and who are prepared to give the puppy a forever home.  We are willing to help new owners with lots of information and assistance for a life time.  So, if you purchase one of our dogs, please stay in touch.

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