Breed Specific Legislation


Many jurisdictions around North America have enacted BSL, banning various breeds from their communities or imposing conditions while the said dogs are in public. Restrictions range from muzzling the dogs to required spaying or neutering of existing dogs. The breeds affected are mostly pit bulls but the ban may also include rottweilers, among other breeds. The good news is, some jurisdictions have already reversed their BSL and have adopted legislation that is not breed specific.

Before you go traveling anywhere with your dog, check to see if your destination area prohibits your dog from visiting or what restrictions are in force. Once you determine it is okay for your rottie to travel with you, book accommodations with a pet friendly hotel.

Informative Links

Dog Legislation Council of Canada: This council is comprised of major stake holders in the canine industry, such as; veterinarians, dog breeders, rescue volunteers, dog trainers, breeders, handlers and the like. In 2003 the Province of Ontario passed legislation banning Pit Bulls. This was challenged in Superior Court but in 2007 the judgment was upheld.

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